23 January 2018

PBCPA (Plettenberg Bay Crime Prevention Association) was founded in 2011 when criminal activity increased in our picturesque Bay. The vast increase in crime incidents had a significant impact on all of us. PBCPA member’s dedication, hard work, crime prevention operations and response to incidents paid off. Plettenberg Bay’s crime statistics are now the lowest in the Western Cape

Smhart Alarms & Plett Security felt very strong that it is the right of every resident to feel safe and secure where he/she lives and work. They took a quantum leap towards a crime prevention solution, when they called on all Security Companies, Plett Business Chamber, Plett Ratepayers Association, Municipality representatives, Municipal Law Enforcement, Bitou Traffic, all NW Groups (there was only 1 in town and 2 farm watches), HOA (home Owners Associations), all emergency services, SAPS, CPF (Community Policing Forum) to attend an urgent crime prevention strategy meeting.

The rest is history, The Plettenberg Bay Crime prevention Association (PBCPA) was founded:- 
PBCPA vision:- To work as a joint fortified Security ; Emergency ; Support Force with all security stakeholders and members in good standing in Plettenberg Bay.

PBCPA mission: - To protect and serve our community through crime prevention patrols; respond & assist SAPS when incidents occur.

PBCPA founding goals: - Improve community safety with crime prevention patrols, start & set up neighbourhood watch and support groups as history has proven that visible patrolling is one of the best deterrents for criminal activities. Creating awareness among residents as to the criminal’s actions, what to be on the lookout for, how to check untoward behaviour and to report suspicious behaviour.

We are proud that since our humble beginning, from just one NW Group in Plett and a few farm watch groups, the NWG have expanded to: Crags Support Group / Kurland CPF / Keurbooms KPOA / Keurbooms river KRMHA / Boschfontein / Wittedrift NW Group / Harkerville Farm Watch / Airport road Farm Watch / PLETT Watch ~ 7 Groups across Plettenberg Bay / Poortjies / Kwanokuthula CPF / Bossiesgif CPF / Qolweni CPF

Neighbourhood watch is one of the most effective ways for neighborhoods to reduce crime in their surrounding areas. It also aid in protecting property, reducing car break ins and house burglary. NW Groups working with SAPS, Security Companies and MLE's resulted in the PBCPA formidable response team, working against criminals and their illegal activities.

Volunteering is a small price to pay other than to see loved ones suffering the long term effects of crime or being a victim of crime.

Volunteer Neighbourhood Watch groups primary function is preventing criminal activity through patrols and observation. Neighbourhood Watch patrollers should not engage or face criminals, as incidents may evolve that will lead to prosecution

In our 7th year the PBCPA Executive Team have carefully considered our next step and believe that we now need to buy a dedicated PBCPA patrol vehicle and use fully trained PSIRA accredited guard/driver, patrolling our residential areas. With our community's financial support and bussiness sponsorship this vehicle can become a reality. 

Smhart Alarms & Plett Security have recently also purchased a caravan (paid with their own funds) to be used as a mobile JOCC by all security stakeholders and members in good standing during operations.

During the June fires many lessons was learned, the decision was taken to establish a PBCPA OSM (Operation Support Manage) committee, reporting directly to the PBCPA Executive. To be prepared for any major incident or disaster, shortfalls were identified through incident training session, corrective action will be taken. A PBCPA Executive was elected, tasked with OSM. 

PBCPA members who respond and assist is within minutes on site BUT cannot stay at the scene indefinite as Security Companies primary responsibility is their clients, the neighbourhood watch volunteers have their own income responsibilities. A dedicated PBCPA vehicle can continue to patrol the area or do a surveillance of the area from a specific advantage point.

Evening patrols and special operations are mostly done by OFF Duty security company owners/managers, supervisors and NW Groups volunteers using their own resources and precious family time, preventing criminal activity through patrols, keeping us all safer. 

There is always a financial impact directly or indirectly to someone when responding to incidents, whether you are responding during working hours or at night as a paid or off duty security guard/manager/supervisor or as neighbourhood watch volunteer. 

Since the PBCPA was founded all security companies are absorbing their own extra costs; i.e. petrol, vehicle maintenance, communication expenses, etcetera. Two security companies have and still do carry all the other operational cost: - i.e. control room staff / 24/7 emergency line / insurance / email / radios / administrative needs, etcetera. 

The few donations received were used to equip NW Groups. Not one single cent was used to financially benefit any PBCPA member of good standing. The Section 21 NPC (No Profit Company} financial records are being audited and can be viewed on request.

There are a bunch of good people doing the extraordinary every day. Tourism is Plett biggest income generator, if Plett is perceived as a safe town, it will be literally be to our benefit in financial terms.

We ask our fantastic community to please support our NW volunteer responders, our fundraisers & special projects initiatives. All funds received are being used for crime prevention projects which are to the benefit of Plett and all its residents. 

It is said:- For Crime to prosper, it is for a few good people to do NOTHING
PBCPA Members, Security Stakeholders & Community Working Together Towards a Safer and Crime Free Plettenberg Bay & Greater Bitou Area

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