Plett People’s Purse NPC – 2015/331939/08

26 June 2017
Plett People’s Purse NPC – 2015/331939/08


Preamble: Plett as a community is regularly faced with situations where people want to assist and contribute with time or money in a structured manner in order to ensure their efforts reach the people they are trying to assist in an efficient and timeous manner. Plett People’s Purse (PPP) was set up to achieve this without outside agenda.

As of 7 June 2017 and the fires that started that day, PPP found an urgent and immediate purpose, and began to gather funds through various sources. The need for a non-political relief fund has been proven, and a meeting held on the 12th of June has given direction to PPP.

Abbreviated Minutes of Meeting:

-          Immediate survival needs of the affected community are being met through the incredible efforts of the local community and the country at large.

-          It is still to be established what losses are insured and what are not.

-          Needs beyond the immediate will only become clear in time.

-          Our firefighters (Especially volunteers) are under-equipped, and some of their limited equipment was lost in recent fires.

-          Central coordination from a municipal standpoint could be improved.

-          Prevention strategies are not apparent to the public, and expert advice and accountability needs to be instilled.

Goals of PPP:

-          Ensure volunteer firefighters are adequately equipped at no cost to themselves.

-          Learn from the NSRI – Inadequate equipment and maintenance thereof should not be a consideration of firefighters (Lobby for professional firefighters and supply volunteer firefighters).

-          Secure sources of regular funding to maintain, renew and enhance safety equipment, prevention strategies, and emergency procedures.

-          Review communication procedures to build on the incredible example of the recent JOCC.

-          Enhance communication with Government (Local, regional and national), and demand accountability for funds raised through “official” channels.

-          To financially or materially assist community members where the need is dire, in any situation that the directors may decide.


-          Duncan Brown – Chair

-          Martin Hurwitz – Treasurer

-          Maggie Zeelie – Secretary

-          Luiz da Fonseca – Member

-          Denise McNamara - Member

-          Anton Muller - Member

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