27 June 2017

The disaster which affected the Bitou Community from 06 – 17 June 2017, was a trial of immense magnitude. We, as the local municipality could not foresee what devastation it would propagate throughout our beautiful town and we could not foretell what resources we would need to see our communities through these dire times.

 I was humbled to see how the Bitou administration together with PBCPA, NSRI Plett, Smhart, Plett Security, SAPS, the various Fire Management Units (FMU’s) and all other role-players as well as individuals, handled the crisis situation from the JOCC. The well-coordinated setting up and operation  of disaster relief centers at Plettenberg Bay Primary School, Piesang Valley Community Hall,  Methodist Church, Plett Community Church near Santini, Dutch Reformed Church, Kranshoek Multi-purpose and Harkerville Forest Lodge, made a huge contribution in ensuring the effective management of this disaster. Our sincere gratitude goes to all the capable individuals that managed these centres and ensured that much needed assistance reached communities and families even beyond the boards of our municipality.

 A splendid demonstration of the humanitarian spirit that lives within each and every one of us in Bitou.

 The firefighters, the FMU’s, the Bakkie Sakkies and all other volunteers, who battled the fires on behalf of the Greater Bitou Community, you are our heroes. You have demonstrated a selfless and wholehearted devotion to the safety of our communities. A special vote of thanks to Ian Barnard and the family of the late Bradley Richards, their altruistic and courageous actions has not gone unseen, it epitomise the characteristics of a true heroes.

 The words of gratitude fail me as I attempt to think of the appropriate words to thank the Greater Bitou Community for opening their hearts, their doors, devoting their time and all other efforts and resources to relief the impact that this disaster had on our fellow community members. Thank you.

 All Non-Governmental Organisations, parastatals of government, volunteers and citizens of this country thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers, thank you for your generous donations

 In order to determine the exact extent of the devastation and its impact on the affected people, the municipality is undertaking a survey and the affected people are requested to visit municipal main office, municipal ward offices, and municipal libraries or call the numbers provided below, in order to complete the survey forms. The forms can also be obtained from the municipality’s website and after completing them, they can either be emailed or faxed to the address and fax number provided below.

 This survey will allow the municipality to determine the kind of assistance it needs to provide to the affected people of Bitou. People will also be able to get information about how to apply for assistance from the Disaster Relief Fund and / or any other humanitarian assistance available. It should be noted that the available resources are limited as a result the allocation of the assistance will be prioritised based on the merits of each case and on what the municipality is allowed to assist on in terms of its legal mandate.


Phone number:            044 501 3324

Fax number:                044 533 3485

Email address:  


Issued By: Mr Howard Swartz on behalf of

Cllr MP Lobese

Executive Mayor of Bitou Local Municipality

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